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The alien law destroys traditional relationships and concentrates power in the hands of male leaders.

“Anglo” paternalism and patriarchy are introduced to Navajo men who learn several “traditions” including robbing women of economic and political power, and wife-beating.

The reviewing appellate court later upheld the acquittal on the grounds that the court should “not interfere with family government in trifling cases.” 4The Treaty of 1868 is negotiated between General Sherman and the Navajos.

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3Lord Hale, an English Jurist, sets the tradition of non-recognition of marital rape.

5During the reign of Ivan the Terrible in Russia, the State Church sanctions the oppression of women by issuing a Household Ordinance that describes when and how a man might most effectively beat his wife.

He is allowed to kill a wife or serf for disciplinary purposes.

Violence against wives is encouraged throughout this time.

4A German trial transcript documents lesbian violence.

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